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Breakfast at Tiffanys 3: Marcus Shepard
Marcus ShepardLuminously_I_Dreamyahoo.comI don't wanna
be the bad guy,
I don't wanna do your sleepwalk dance anymore.
I just wanna feel some sunshine.
I just wanna find some place to be alone...Everclear, Santa MonicaThis
story is about a relationship between a man of about 27 years, and a boy of 13.
If this does not meet with your approval, go to your browsers address line and
delete all the words you don't agree with, starting with the name of the story,
and working your way back. At this point, no one in the story is getting any, that may or may not come later... If you are only trying
to get your rocks off, you might want to go somewhere else. As always, this
never happened, I was never here, and you didn't see a thing...
Breakfast at
Tiffany'sPart 3
next evening Tiffany answered her phone to hear an excited and equally loud Simon.
"Tiffany! Tiffany! Tiffany!" She moved the phone about half a foot form her
ear. "Guess preteen hot russians what!!!"
"Simon, calm down! What hentai 3d preteen
is it?" Tiffany asked with a laugh over the
boy's enthusiasm. She didn't move the phone closer.
"He talked to me Tiffany! He talked to me! He really does like me! I'm
so happy Tiffany! He even wants to get together with me on Saturday! You were
right Tiffany; there is always hope..."
Saturday morning dawned cold and wet, with no chance of sun. Starting at
am, the rain
fell in a steady downpour. Marc, fearing that Joey would have to walk in this
to make their date at nine, wrote Joey at seven, offering to reschedule preteen little russians
or 3d incest preteen pick
him up. He then went around getting ready and checking his e-mail every few
The boy walked though the pouring rain
looking for the place he was to meet Marc. Up ahead he saw a sign for
Tiffany's, and the song Marc had sent him flashed through his head. Marc had
not said the name of the place, only the address. The boy knew by checking the
number that this was most defiantly the place. The blinds where down, and the
open sign was not illuminated. When he
read the note on the door he felt his heart sink.
Dear Valued Customer
Due to an unforeseen emergency,
Tiffany's well not be opening until noon today.
I apologies for any inconvenience this may cause you.
Thank you for your patronage and
patience. Tiffany
The boy banged his head against the door and started to cry. First an hour and forty-five minutes walking in the rain and now
this. He was tired, he was cold, he was soaked through, and it didn't
even look like he would get breakfast for it.
Hearing the sound at preteen bbs child
the door, Tiffany went to answer it, thinking it
might be Joey. Before her was the most pathetic sight possible. A small, shaking boy, drenched from the rain, and wearing the most
miserable _expression possible.
"Simon Joseph Christianson what on earth are you doing..." She cut off
suddenly staring, her eyes growing wider. Softly she said "Simon Joseph...
Joseph... Joey... dear goddess, Joey!" She gasped; things
suddenly falling into place in mexican preteen sex her mind. The tarot lays,
depression over being rejected by someone older,
the call Tuesday about being invited out on Saturday. She cursed herself for a
fool. All the coincidences shrugged off, the details missed because she was so
focused on each individual. It all made sense now. The universe had balanced.
Simon was Joey. She was going to have to slap Marc upside the head again.
But first, she had a drowned rat to deal with. She took Simon through
the restaurant, to the adjoining apartment and had him strip in the bathroom
and take a warm shower, while she put his clothes in the wash, as they had been
splashed with mud. She then started rummaging through her clothes, looking for
something Simon could wear. All she found was a long black T shirt she got at a
U2 concert. She handed it through the door to Simon saying "Sorry kid, it's the
only thing I got that won't fall off of you."
When he was done Simon came out, his long red hair neatly brushed making
and interesting contrast with the black shirt. He cocked his head and said "U2,
who's that?"
Tiffany stuck her tongue out at him, and put on "U2 The
Best of 1980-1990" album, adjusting the speakers so it played throughout the
apartment and restaurant.
"My, what strange music you listen to," Simon said in a bemused manner.
"Oh shut up. You know you like it"
"Madam you have no evidence of that what so
ever." Simon rebottled imperiously.
"Oh yeah? Then why were you singing along to it
in my car bbs daddy preteen on Monday?"
Simon closed his eyes and started singing along to the music. "With or
without you, with or without you, I can't live, with or without you.."He opened his eyes as though nothing had
happened and said, "I really have no idea what you are talking about. Perhaps
you have me confused with somebody else."
"Of course, you must me Joey, not Simon."
The boy looked down and started picking at the shirt, which hung down to
his knees. "About that... I sort of meant to tell you..."
"Like you sort of meant to tell Marc how old you are?"
"I thought you would be mad at me and tell my parents if I told you I
was interested in an adult, and had gone to go meet him."
"I'm not mad at you Simon, though I am rather bemused as to why you were
online masquerading as an adult. Even more so, why you were
trying to pick up a man."
"It wasn't like that..."
"Simon, I know how you met Marc. He had an ad posted on a gay singles
site. You wrote in response to it. My questions still stands Simon; why?"
"I was just curious. I knew I was gay, but all the guys my age are
pricks, caught up in trying to be all macho and what not. I'm not interested in
that. One day I was just bumming around online and I found the site. I was just
skimming over the ads when I saw his... Most of them were crude "fuck buddy
needed" bull shit, but his was different. His entire add never even mentioned
sex. I just... I had to talk to preteen cunny pics him. I never thought anything would come of it,
but I wrote him, and he wrote me back, and we just kept on writing. At first, I
didn't think it was serious, but then I started too really like him. Before
long I couldn't wait to check my e-mail. preteen modeling thong I wanted to tell him how old I was, to
tell him I was just a kid, but I didn't know how. When he asked me if I wanted
to meet him, I tried telling him; I had it typed out preteen nude org and everything. But I got
scared and deleted it instead of sending it. I just said that I didn't forced feminization preteen think he
would like me if he met me. He said that he found that hard to believe; that he
didn't care what it was, if I was fat, or ugly, or anything. So I agreed... and
he left me there... guess he was wrong."
"First off Simon, you're not `just a kid'. You are a very talented and
intelligent and king person, who is much more mature then his 13 years, or even
some people in their fifties. Second, Marc was right; he couldn't think of anything
that would make him not like you. He never even conceived of you being a minor,
and when he found out, it sort of out cloaked his processor. And you know what
else? He wasn't wrong; if he didn't like you, would we be here talking about
"I guess not... So how do you know Marc?"
"Love, I've known Marc longer then I've known you."
"Seeing as how you were in the delivery room when I was born, that's
saying something."
"I'll never forget the first time I drove. Women in labor screaming at
me that I was going to kill us, and if I didn't she'd kill preteen cunny pics me when we to there.
I guess the cops agree `cause I had no less ten three of them on me by the time
we got to the hospital. Fortunately I was able to find the break and your mom
was enough of a distraction to keep them from arresting me for reckless
endangerment..." She laughed. "Anyway, at that point Marc and I had been dating
for two months, and known each other for a good five years."
"What?!? B... but I thought..."
"Thought what? That he was gay, or that I was a dyke?"
"Yes! Will, not the dyke part... Are you?"
"Yes and no... I'm bi. But for all I'm getting any, I might as well be
asexual. And yes, Marc is gay. dorki preteen links
That's actually why we dated. His parents are a
bit homophobic. Ok, that's myusenet preteen nude an understatement, their a lot homophobic. I don't
like them..." She said with an _expression akin to that
of someone tasting something exceptionally distasteful. "Any way, Marc asked me
out so his parents would lay off him about getting a girl. I was sick of all
the pricks on campus trying to get up my dress, so I went along with it. We
dated for about two years. When we were 16, he decided to come out. So one nigh
we got home form the movies, and confronted his parents. About the point he
said the word gay, the preverbal shit hit the fan.
"Long story short, his dad went ballistic and tried to beat the shit out
of us; he failed. I on the other had did nude preteen moldels not. The law
suit was dropped because I had been `defending' myself when I shattered three
bones in his arm... leg too for that matter. Did I mention I really don't like
his parents? Marc moved in with me Mum and I. You
actually met him a few times when you came over. You 12yo preteen
where like three then, and
called him Mar."
"Really? Wow that's kind of freaky..."
"Speaking of freaks, where's your date?" Just then the phone rang, so
Tiffany whet over to answer it. "Tiffany's, Tiffany speaking. How can I help
"Tiffany where have you been? I tried calling
at nine, and when you didn't answer I came over to see if Joey made it. I was
pounding on your door for fifteen minutes and you didn't answer."
"Sorry, I'm back in the apartment dealing with a drowned rat."
"Drowned rat?"
"Yeah, with long red hair. Anyway where are you
"Over at Celestial Ponderings."
"Well get back over here and I'll let you in."
"I'm on my way." Click
"Marc's on his way; let's head back over to the restaurant."
Simon gulped and paused hesitantly. "Too late to back
"Too late to back out now kid. I know were you live." She grabbed his arm and started dragging him to the
front. "Come on. Don't worry, you look great."
"Thought you said I was a drowned rat." He said sulkily.
"Yes, yes, but a very handsome drowned rat."
She got him into the restaurant, and had him sit at one of the tables.
As soon as he was situated there was a knock at the door. He started to get up,
but an `evil glare of death' from Tiffany made him sit back down. Tiffany let
Marc in and had him sit across form `Joey' while she got them something warm to
They sat across form one another, nether sure what to say. Tiffany came
back with tea for Marc, and hot chocolate for Simon.
Seeing that both were silent she decided to try and get the ball rolling.
"Marc, I would like to introduce you to Simon, my cousin. Simon, I would like
to introduce you to my friend Marc. Now that the introductions are out of the
way, I'm sure you two have lots to say. Ill go make
breakfast." With that, she left them alone.
Can you imagine the scene? A boy, a man, sitting
across from one another. The man in slacks and a
button down shirt. The boy in nothing but an oversized
T shirt. The man sips his tea. The boy wraps his hands around his cup of
hot chocolate. One coughs, the other shifts in their seat. Sitting there,
watching each other watch each other. Both with so much to
say. Neither sure what to say.
Finally Marc worked up the courage to start. "So... um... Joey, err Simon um..."
he stuttered. "I guess you got here ok. Have any trouble with the rain?"
"Yeah. It's kind of a long walk to here, and I
was soaked by the time I got here. Tiffany had me shower and game me this to
wear. My clothes are in the wash..."
"Oh Joey, Simon... I'm really sorry about that. I didn't mean for you to
have top teeny preteen
trouble. I wrote you this morning when I saw how bad it was out there
offering to re-schedule, or pick you up or something..." Marc said
"I didn't have time to check my e-mail this morning. I had to leave at
"You had to walk for two assfucking preteens hours to get here? Why didn't you let me know
it was so far from you' we could have worked something out."
"I didn't want you to get mad and cancel." Simon said timidly.
"I'm really sorry Simon. I guess I did come across as a real hot head
last time. I was just... preteen bbs child
well you caught me a bit off guard." He laughed weakly.
"Joey, I'm sorry for what I did. I'm sorry I left you there. I'm sorry I didn't
give you a chance to explain. I'm sorry I didn't write you back for so long.
Joey, I'm sorry..." Tears started to stream down his cheeks and he started
chocking up. He got on his knees before Simon. "I'm sorry for everything I've
done to you, preteen nude modells for everything I've put you through. I've been thinking and I want
to try this." He took Simon's hand into his own. "I want to try us. I love you
Joey... Simon. I have since you first wrote me fisting blacks preteens seven months ago. Tiffany made me
see that it's not your body or age that matters. I didn't have that when I first
loved you. It's who you are inside. I know I've made a terrible blunder of
things. I want to make it right with you. Will you give me a chance?"
"I came here today Marc, didn't I? I know naked preteens virgins I lied to you, and what you
got when we met isn't at all what you were expecting. When I first wrote to
you, I knew that if I told you I was a 13 year old, you would ether ignore me,
or not take me seriously. No one ever takes kids seriously. I didn't think
anything would come of it. I just thought we would write for a little dorki preteen links bit, and
that would be the end of it. But we kept on writing. Oh God! Marc, I wanted to
tell you, but I was afraid to. The night you first asked to meet me, I almost
did. I should have. As for me giving you a chance, I think it's you giving me a
chance. Thank you."
Marc lifted Simon's hands to his lips and kissed them gently. He then
drew the boy into his arms, and for the first time they embraced. They broke
apart and resumed their seats.
Tiffany took this moment to lina preteen free bring out their food. Waffles, eggs and
bacon, and country fried potatoes. She placed tea before Simon, and hot
chocolate before Marc. Then myusenet preteen nude she went back to the kitchen. They looked down at
their drinks, then at each other. Glancing around to make sure that Tiffany was
gone they covertly switched drinks.
Simon whispered "Some restaurant, she didn't even ask us what we
"I know. I've been eating here for three years, and not once has she
taken my order."
Just then the volume increased on the music, forcing them to listen.
They smiled at each other.You say you want Diamonds on a ring of gold
You say you want Your story to remain untoldBut all fisting blacks preteens the promises we make From
the cradle to the grave
When all I want is you. You say you'll give me
A highway with no one cock pussy preteen on it Treasure just to look upon it
All the riches in the night You say you'll give me
Eyes in a moon of blindness A river in a time of
A harbor in the tempest But all the promises we make
>From the cradle to the grave When all I want is youYou say you want Your love to work
out right
To last with me through the night You say you want
Diamonds on a ring of gold Your story to remain untold
Your love not to grow coldAll the promises we break From the
cradle to the grave
When all I want is youYou...all I want is... You...all I
want is...
You...all I want is... You...Questions, comments concerns... E-mail to Luminously_I_Dreamyahoo.com. I
will try to respond in a timely manner. Let me know what you think of it; I
like mail... To everyone that has been following this story, sorry it took me so long to get this part posted. I will try to get the
next part completed shortly. The impossible I do right away miracles take a
little longer.

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